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SMEs surf the channel to MPS benefits

Managed print services are crucial to success for small-medium enterprises

It is nearly impossible for an outsider to accurately assess the priorities of another business. But certain assumptions are relatively safe to make: every company wants to grow, and every company wants to reduce its time and money expenditures. These tenets apply to companies of all sizes, including small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) like yours.

Recent research has found that 75% of SMEs rely on printing to support their core business activities, and the main challenges you face when managing your print services are cost control and downtime. Print management is a necessity, but it can traditionally consume resources at a rapid rate. Managed Print Services (MPS) offers a solution that can save SMEs time and money by doing away with maintenance headaches and device downtime while providing, as a next step, optimized processes. Depending upon the scale of MPS implementation, you may be able to entirely outsource their print infrastructure management to IT channel partners, allowing you to reallocate resources to grow your business.

Simple, right? Well – no, it’s not. SMEs haven’t had their heads in the sand, waiting for someone to alert them to their faulty thinking. There are many reasons why you haven’t flocked to MPS, from a lack of awareness of what is available for a business of your size to a lack of clarity over its benefits. Fortunately, MPS is not one-size-fits-all – it is a tailored offering. By combining channel partners’ knowledge with Lexmark experience, these solutions are adaptable to better fit your needs and make the adoption of MPS for SMEs more appealing.  

Assessing the priorities of another business is a massive challenge, that’s true. However, collaboration is key to realizing goals and targets. As MPS adoption becomes increasingly available to SMEs, it’s time to challenge your channel partners to find a solution that serves your needs.