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About Us

InContext is an online magazine from Lexmark devoted to coverage of news, trends and solutions that help you solve your unique unstructured information challenge.

With InContext, we intend to add a note of clarity in a very noisy content world—to put things into context for you.

Ours is a magazine put together by people dedicated to and passionate about managing unstructured information. It takes a lot of smarts to create superior content management products, and we have an enterprise full of very smart people.

Our experts are continually thinking ahead, anticipating what will be needed in a world in which information, its forms and delivery are evolving continually. Also, we are engaging with outside industry analysts, experts and, most importantly, everyday users of content and process management technology to figure out what you want to know and what you need to know.

In fact, we see InContext doing what Lexmark's other products do--capturing essential information from wherever it comes, analyzing it, organizing it, making sense of it, and then presenting it to you on wherever you are.

We hope you will read, evaluate and absorb the content on our site and then let us know what you like, dislike or want to see done differently.

After all, we are here to put things InContext.